Trinc holds a creed of "positivism" to engage in business. Trinc is willing to give counsel and solution for those who have been suffering from static and dust problems. Our affiliate companies, TRINC Consulting Co. and TRINC Service Co., take care of your probelms. The positivism is practiced first by investigating the cause of problem of how static was generated and subsequent dust or foreign particles adhered, then suggesting to customer the best possible solusion. It is always made in collaboration with the customer. Trinc supports the customer thoroughly until the solution proves effective and he/she is pleased to see it.
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Printing Company Printing machine: speed goes up 78% and stall rate down 50 to 80%
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Copy machine maker's assembling factory
Warranty claims were reduced by 100%

The maker had been receiving warranty claims from their hospital customers at an average of 5 cases a month for their medical application copy machines. The customers complained that a tiny dust adhering to the copy machine was indistinguishable from the seat of disease. The maker introduced Static-free Space TRINC into their assembling line to make it "Room-less Clean Room (TRINC trademark)." The dust had lost an adhering force and the warranty claims become nil. Workers at the assembling line said, "The dust that was hardly blown off could be removed now, and job has become a lot easier, indeed." Afterward they introduced the Static-free Space TRINC into their factory in China and received the same voice from workers saying, "Indeed, it made the job different."

Automaker's body painting factory
Defects reduced by 67%

The major automaker's body painting line for Van type cars. Whenever they had a painting problem, they moved the car into the paint repair booth for touching up. After introduction of Static-free Space TRINC into the painting line, painting defects were reduced by 67% and the repair booth having wide space became not necessary. They said that they could have an extra space for other purposes in the factory, which was a larger-than-expected result.

Flat Panel Display (FPD) manufacturing plant
Defects were reduced by 75%.

They had suffered a problem that dust adhered to glass boards in the process from unpacking to loading them onto the assembling line and also in the transfer from one to the next process, which resulted in lowering the process yield. Of course the working space was fully covered with clear acrylic boards to make it a closed hollow to keep out the dust. Even with this, however, the dust had kept adhering to the glass boards. They introduced Static-free Space TRINC to dissipate the static charged on them and the dust in the space to have them inactivated. Since the day they introduced it the dust-related defects have been reduced by 75%.

Gas stove maker's painting plant
Defects were reduced by 75%.

As soon as they introduced Static-free Space TRINC into the painting plant where they painted the stove chassis cases, the dust-related defects were reduced by 75%. A staff of this plant called TRINC asking, "Why can we reduce defects so effectively like this? We had tried every possible method, but in vain." The sales man from another ionizer maker who happened to be there to witness the effect stunned and said, "Conventional static ionizers have no way to compete with it." Since then they introduced it into whole company as well as affiliated companies.

Polarizing Plate manufacturing plant
Defects were reduced by 72%.

At the production plant of Polarizing Plate for LCD, the debris produced during blanking out the plastic boards adhered to the products to increase production defects. Since both the debris and products are plastic, static electricity was generated intensely and no useful countermeasures had been found. However, as a result of Bar TRINC being introduced into the blanking process and Static-free Space being installed to cover the whole process, the debris adherence was reduced sharply and the related defects have been reduced by 72%.

Plastic parts painting factory
Defects were reduced by 52%.

This factory has a quite simple painting facility without air filter, where painting had been practiced under quite normal condition. They used the conventional gun type static ionizer immediately before painting to blow off dust, but had been worried over the problem of dust-related defects caused by air blowing. Then they introduced Explosion-proof Static-free Space TRINC into the booth where the blowing off dust and painting were done. As a result of this introduction, the dust-related defects have been reduced by 52%.

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