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image Jan. 25, 2010
NIKKEI BP (publisher)
NIKKEI BUSINESS Jan. 25th, 2010 number
Price: 650 yen (tax included)
"A hidden world enterprise"
TRINC fought off a static electricity, an arch foe against factories in every field, such as electronics manufacturing and painting process at automaker…. It invented a device to eliminate static charges on everything in the work site, which was adopted by Toyota, and was highly reputed.....
image Jan. 20, 2010
NIKKAN KOGYO News Paper (publisher)
Factory Management Feb. 2010 number
Price: 1,380 yen (tax included)
Static electricity vanished away! So did dust!
The painting expert Nishikawa Painting Ltd. challenge a high level painting using the Gun TRINC…, Fought off static and dust and captured needs of working site…, Devoted to remove dust from every process for zero dust......
image Feb. 15, 2010
Tanabe Keiei Co. (publisher)
Price: Yearly subscription 12,600 yen (tax included)
"The nature of success"
TRINC, challenging world with a customer oriented doctrine and fabless management practice. Against static and dust, arch foes against the process where highly precise products are rolled out, TRINC invented a device to eliminate them with a completely different method from the old style.
Groundbreaking static ionizer "Static-free Space TRINC"
The real static ionization required in every worldwide working site/ A goal of overseas sale 90%/A conservative company's attitude is the largest barrier /Takayanagi-style enterprise evolution.
image Mar. 1st, 2010
Gijytsu Hyoron Co. (publisher)
Technology branding to make a technique attractive
Author :Satoshi Sato , Price: 2,079 yen (tax included)
Static ionizing system which made a deep impression on Toyota / What is TRINC? / Drastically improved a process yield in the manufacturers in Japan / Takayanagi, president, has been conscious of creating a brand name since company establishment / Cleared unparalleled quality control standard of Toyota / Impact on the process yield improvement 16% made at Toyota / A neat publication strategy gaining mass media over /
image May 27th, 2009
Nippon Jitsugyo Publication
Anybody can understand all about Publication and PR with this book.
Author :Hiroyasu Yamami , Price: 1,890 yen (tax included)
Although no a big, but the TRINC established in 1991 is a only one company to have analyzed the relationship between "static and dust" by its own method, and applied for more than 100 patents for it. The company was in obscurity until just several years back.....
image Dec. 17, 2007
Diamond, Inc
Static & Dust [Zero] Revolution
Author: Makoto Takayanagi , Price: 1,500 yen (tax included)
At every working site from semiconductor to printer, automobile and housing, they all have worried about "the big problem caused by small dust." The technology of a venture company that resolves it is going to change these working sites now. Trace at Toyota / Why did Toyota approved TRINC? / Impact of 16% / Trace for birth of TRINC / Starting point of invention / Dust zero!
image June 30, 2009
WingSpan Press社
Author: Makoto Takayanagi , Price: 2,600 yen (tax included)
 Electronic manufacturers, companies that paint products, processors of autos, chemicals, drugs, glass, and food are just a few who will be delighted to learn how quality and productivity can be improved. Incidentally, Mr. Takayanagi rates American versus European executives’ ability to understand and determination to utilize the new science. The low American ranking should serve as a wake-up call.
 Mr. Takayanagi’s 25,000 customers in Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, India and Viet Nam attest to his products’ remarkable performance. Any who might doubt the importance of his message need only understand that Toyota recognizes his inventions made improvements that were among the biggest quality leaps in the company’s history.
 This book tells the story of the invention and improvement of Mr. Takayanagi’s products and their use in prominent Japanese companies. His ionizer products have revolutionized the quality of paint and electronic processes, by virtually eliminating defects attributable to static electricity and airborne contaminants.・・・・
image June 30, 1999
Kowledge is power---Static elimination method (in Japanese)
Author: Makoto Takayanagi , Price: 1,000 yen (tax included)
ISO 9000 and Static / Difference in natural and synthetic materials / Electronics fear static / Static and it old antistatic measures have been left intact as a awful or incomprehensible thing / What is static? / Static electrification / Phenomena of static / Measurement of static / Antistatic / Static standard and words.
image May 11, 2009
Chuube Economic Newspater
The encounter and its moment spoken by corporate chieftains
Price: 2,625 yen (tax included)
TRINC founder has altered his world view, deeply impressed by a "mentor" Roy Harmon
Trinc has invented and sold devices and instruments to cope with problems caused by static and dust, and has been growing steadfastly with introduction made to Toyota and other major automobile and consumer electric companies, through which Trinc was awarded by the Ministry of Economic and Industry. The founder Makoto Takayanagi has been deeply impressed by a American management consutant Roy Harmon, who Takayanagi admires even today----.
image Sept. 15, 2009
Paint Tiding Newspaper
Industrial Painting No.220
Price: 1,530 yen (tax included)
Special topic/ Clean painting environment (Clean room, Painting booth) A new painting system made beyond the bounds of common sense as "Zero-based improvement" on painting environment. The industrial world, which has lost the way what to do, having experienced an unimaginably reduced production during the last one year, should put forward the drastic changes, "Zero-based improvement." Trinc introduces its idea and method. That is anti-humidification, anti-air, anti-fan, anti-clean room and etc.-----
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