Takayanagi (T)

Thank you for your purchasing our products. It has already been 6 months since you introduced them, hasn't it.
Printing Company CEO (CEO) That's right.
How have you found it? Has it shown good results?
CEO I have a feeling that they have already paid off their price in 5 months. Static electricity has not been dissipated perfectly but gone out mostly. Occasionally, there is a case "is it a static effect?" depending on paper quality. Therefore, we see that the TRINC products showed immeasurable results.
I think that you have actually made various improvement on your own since they were settled in your facility. Will you give me some stories you have done?
CEO Well, there had been a similar phenomenon around, and we used to assume "all of those were caused by static." But, with TRINC static ionizers, some problems became apparent not attributable to the static, and it was found 60% are due to the static, 40% are due to other factors such as a less thorough work procedure, a poor machine maintenance, and a mistakes in the operating instructions.
You mean that you had considered all problems to be blamed on the static electricity, but can solve now each individual problem sperately.
CEO Correct. Since then we have been able to solve each problem one by one.
And it resulted in the cost being paid off in about 5 months.
CEO The 5 months I said is just for anti-static measures. If the solution of other problems are included, the effectiveness gets greater. That is what pleased us most, that is, we could solve the problems one by one. There are still many problems we have to solve, though.
I heard that you have a career working in a foreign-backed company,and it makes me believe that the experience made you solve those problems rationally. But I am very glad to hear the successful story as a maker of static ionizer, and at the same time I feel a sense of satisfaction beyond commercial transactions.
CEO It was back in April 2008, I believe, that I saw your book "Static & Dust [Zero] Innovation (publisher: Diamond ) on the Nikkei newspaper. At that time, I was fully occupied with a static electricity and driven to read it in a struggle to solve my problems, wondering "Is it true?" Immedeately after I had read it through, I called you and was convinced to think aloud "Um, it's great" and determine that I have to buy it now.
I recall that you asked me to deliver the system in a week and we made efforts to meet it wondering we could really do it within such short time. But eventually your big decision came to fruition successfully in half a year, and I am very glade about it. I sincerely appreciate for your patronage.
CEO Well, we also appreciate your kindness.