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Company History

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1991 Company was founded in Hamamatsu-City
Started developing telecommunication devices under entrusted contract.
1994 Received an honorable mention from the Shizuoka-Prefectual governor.
1997 Started developing electronics devices under entrusted contract.
1999 Developed a static ionizer bearing own brand "TRINC."
2005 Awarded "Entrepreneur's Outstanding Performance Award"by the New Venture Business Institution.
2006 Certified as one of "Vigorous 300 Enterprises Supporting Japan's Tomorrow" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan.
2007 Published a book "Static & Dust [Zero] Revolution" (Diamond Press)
2010 Company was awarded for JVA (Japan Venture Awards) by the Organization for Small & Medium Enterporises.
2011 President, Makoto Takayanagi acceded to an adjunct and part-time lecturer at Nagoya University.
Published a book "A static Electricity Curious to Learn Scientifically" (Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper)
President, M. Takayanagi was certified as one of "Meister of the Making-Things in Hamamatsu by Hamamatsu-City.
Published a book "Know-it-all series: Easy-to-understand 'Static book'" (Nikkan Newspaper Press).
Set up Shanghai office in China.
Set up ASEAN office.(Bangkok Thailand).
2012 Set up Tokyo branch office.
2013 Certified as a support company by the Tokyo SME Support Center.
2014 Shanghai office relocation / expansion
Set up Osaka branch office.
2015 Published a book "TRINC METHOD VOL.I"
Published a book "TRINC METHOD VOL.II"
2016 Set up TRINC Hamanako Demo Center
Published a book "TRINC METHOD VOL.III"
Set up TRINC Tokyo Demo Center
Set up TRINC Osaka Demo Center
Set up TRINC Shanghai Demo Center in China
Set up TRINC Shenzhen Demo Center in China
2017 Set up TRINC Bangkok Demo Center in Thai
Published a book "TRINC METHOD Complete works"
Set up TRINC Taipei Demo Center in Taiwan
Set up TRINC Fukuoka Demo Center
Set up TRINC Sendai Demo Center
Set up TRINC Nagoya Demo Center
President, Makoto Takayanagi appointed as Shizuoka Prefecture Founder Growth Support Mentor.
2018 Set up TRINC Malaysia Demo Center
Set up TRINC Indonesia Demo Center
President, Makoto Takayanagi was presented the Order of the Rising Sun, Silver Rays Award.

Phased Array Ionizing”, “No-Blow Ionizing”, “Ion Engine”, “Slight-Air Ionizing” are registered trademark (in Japan) of TRINC Corporation, a forerunner of this field.

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