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ADJUST HOSE TRINC Features Applications
TAS-152 ADJ / TAS-159 ADJ / TAS-1276 ADJ-WIDE •Ultra-compact
•Powerful static elimination
•Capability of no-blow ionizing
•Painting factory
•Assembly factory
•Food/Pharmaceutical factory
A shape-memory type flexible plastic hose is transformed into a static eliminator/duster.
TAS-152 ADJ / TAS-159 ADJ / TAS-1276 ADJ-WIDE
The adjust hose has transformed into ionizer/duster.
Regular model, Wide model, CE compliant model in the lineup
Features Applications
  • ■Micromini size
  • ■Powerful static elimination
  • ■No-blow ionizing possible
  • ■Painting factory
  • ■Assembly plant
  • ■Chemical factory
  • ■Pharmaceutical factory
  • ■Food processing factory
TRINC's discharge needle has a long life. Sometimes users tend to forget to clean the needle.
When the ionizer has been used for long time, discharge needle has come worn out and
effectiveness of static elimination may reduce. The periodical exchange of needle is recommended.


ADJUST HORSE TRINC has serialized.

TRINC has introduced the industry’s first adjust hose from before. TRINC has been highly appreciated by the market for its unique concept of "combining the adjust horse with ionizer" beyond traditional common sense. This time in response to a good repute of it, we have introduced a wide range type and made it available as a model of the ADJUST HOSE TRINC series. ADJUST HOSE TRINCs are used mainly in printing related field. Those papers and plastic cards used in this field are sheet-fed type and so easy to be charged with static that static attraction force is induced in between with equipment, which causes various problems such as the objects slipping sideways, not going straight, not aligned properly and being doubled. And they have caused a big confusion to the work sites. At the work site, those who were up a tree had tried to use ADJUST HORSSE TRINC and has found it solves the problems excellently. And per the requests by the market for larger objects to be ionized more strongly, we have added a wide type in addition to the single type to be in series.

Feature 1

Powerful ionization
By adopting a unique ion engine system, it generates a dense ion and eliminate static electricity of the object strongly.
Discharge needles、
・Single type(TAS-152 ADJ,TAS-159 ADJ-CE) 1 pair
・Wide type(TAS-1276 ADJ-WIDE)      2 pair

Feature 2

No-Blow ionizing is possible
No-Blow ionizing is possible. Since it does not raise dust, it can be a conclusive factor for anti-dust measures.

Feature 3

No leakage ionizing is possible
The leakage-free structure, which cannot cause leakage by isolating the high-voltage part from the air flow path, is adopted. It boasts high durability that prevents breakdowns even when used for a long time.

Feature 4

Wide range ionization by an adjust hose with wide outlet *Wide type(TAS-1276 ADJ-WIDE)
The wide area type with 108 mm wide ion outlets on the adjust hose is adopted to enable wide area ionization. Large workpieces can also be ionized and dedusted (by air blow)

Feature 5

lonizing of high-speed moving objects
It is made possible to ionize and dedust (by air blow) the object which moves at high velocity by dense ions.

Feature 6

Wide area ionizing by air-blow
The object distance of the object to be ionized can be adjusted according to the amount of air flowing through the ion outlets.
The objects up to 7 meters away can be ionized. (Wide type TAS-1276 ADJ-WIDE, 0.3MPs air)

Feature 7

Easy installation
By simply replacing the old adjust hose with this unit, the old adjust horse is transformed to the one with ionizing function.

Feature 8

Low power consumption
Power consumption is as low as 2.5W.


Phased Array Ionizing”, “No-Blow Ionizing”, “Ion Engine”, “Slight-Air Ionizing” are registered trademark (in Japan) of TRINC Corporation, a forerunner of this field.

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