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TUBE CLEANER Features Applications
TAS-1335 TUBEC •Automatic tube cleaning
•Ultra-compact cleaner head
•Non-contact cleaning
•Medical device production
Removes foreign matter adhering to tubes used for catheters, etc.
Removes foreign substances attached to tubes used for catheters, etc.
Features Applications
  • ■Automatic tube cleaning device
  • ■Ultra-compact cleaner head
  • ■Freely installed
  • ■High foreign matter removal performance
  • ■Perfectly noncontact processing
  • ■Simultaneous process on both sides
  • ■Medical equipment manufacturing site

In recent years, vascular medical treatment using catheters has become popular as a safe method. Before a serious symptom such as myocardial infarction or cerebral infarction appears, it is performed as a preventive measure by understanding the precursory phenomenon. At manufacturing factories that supply catheters, the problem of foreign substances adhering to products have emerged as its demand increase. Contrary to the problems of yield deterioration caused by foreign matters in the electronics industry and appearance defects caused by foreign matters in the automobile industry, foreign matter problems in the medical field are fatal to humans and require careful attention. Previously, there was no device for cleaning the tube of the catheter, so we had to manually blow air to remove dust, but due to the widespread use of catheters, the production volume has increased and we can no longer handle it manually. Against this background, a device that automatically cleans tubes has become desired. At this time, TRINC released "TUBE CLEANER", a device for removing foreign substances adhering to tubes used for catheters, etc., at the request of the medical device manufacturing site.

Feature 1

World's first automatic tube cleaning device
Tubes with a diameter of 0.3mm to 10mm can be cleaned. Especially in the medical field, it prevents serious accidents resulting in death due to foreign matters.

Feature 2

Ultra-compact cleaner head
An ultra-compact cleaner head is 30cc in volume (34H x 35W x 25D mm, excluding protrusions), weighing just 13g and is a very small size beyond conventional common sense.

Feature 3

Freely installed
It can be installed freely if there is a small space.

Feature 4

High foreign matter removal performance
A removal rate of 90% or more (foreign matter size: 20mm) is achieved.

Feature 5

Parfectly noncontact processing
It cleans the tube without touching it at all, because no backup roll to support it is required. Therefore, the tube will not be scratched or foreign matter deposit will not be amplified by transferring foreign matter.

Feature 6

Simultaneous process on both sides
Remove foreign matter around the entire circumference of the tube at once

Feature 7

No backup roll is required.
Expensive and space-consuming backup rolls area not used. No need for troublesome maintenance such as cleaning the rolls.

Feature 8

One wind engine can drive up to five cleaner heads.
Since the pneumatic and vacuum air comsumed at the cleaner head is so little, up to 5 cleaner heads can be driven with one wind engine.

Feature 9

Retrieves all the dust blown off
With an inside-air-circulation system adopted, all the dust blown off at the cleaner head is retrieved. So it prevents the environment of factory from being fouled and the quality troubles due to foreign matters adherence from occurring.

Feature 10

Low power consumption
The newly developed ultra-small wind engine holds down to power consumption a large extent.

WIRE TRINC Features Applications
TAS-642 WIRE •Newly developed cyclonade® technology
•Non-contact cleaning
•Static removal with dense ions
•Superconducting cable
•Optical fiber
•Resin thread
A powerful removal of the static and the dust attached to wires such as superconducting cables or fiber optics.
With a newly invented "Cyclonado®" System applied, this removes powerfully static charges and dust from wire.
Features Applications
  • ■newly invented "Cyclonado®" system
         Powerful cleaning becomes possible
  • ■Total non-contact
  • ■Powerful ions remove static charges
  • ■Possible to use for various types of wires
  • ■Compact size
  • ■Possible for versatile installation
  • ■Low power consumption
  • ■A marginal amount of air used
  • ■Superconducting cable
  • ■Optical fiber cable
  • ■Electric cable, Tape, Rope,etc.

The Linear Bullet Train has been much talked about recently. In the production process of superconducting cables, key-components of the linear motor, a severe dust control is required because even scant attachment of it to them due to static could cause the entire product to fail. Likewise, in the production of optic fibers, not only scant dust attachment to them but attraction or repulsion due to static could bring the process unstable to result in unexpected troubles. So severe anti-static/dust measures are required. In the past, however, since no such ionizers or dust removers as being suitable to remove them were available, a new dedicated technology has long been desired. Trinc has developed the WIRE CLEANER TRINC adopting a newly invented "Cyclonado®" system to solve this problem.

Feature 1

Powerful cleaning becomes possible with use of a newly invented "Cyclonado®" system
A powerful whirler in combination with a cyclone and a tornado blast off adhering dust.

Feature 2

Total non-contact
"Cyclonado®" system allows a workpiece (wire) to be cleaned while suspended in the air without touching to anything, so that it would be never contaminated again.

Feature 3

Powerful ions remove static charges.
The rich ions taken in whirler neutralize static charges, making dust removed easier and no static remained after processing. So resettling of dust on the surface is prevented effectively.

Feature 4

This can also be used for various types of wires
This device is also applicable to the use on various types of wires of flat, round and square sections.

Feature 5

Compact size
Compact-sized body makes it possible to install it into equipment or the narrow space made between them.

Feature 6

Possible for versatile installation
Installation/attachment to equipment can be done adjusting with freedom in the location and angle with reference to a workpiece (wire) for the optimum operation.

Feature 7

Low power consumption
With a TRINC's super-power saving technology, a super-low power consumption of a mere 6W(1set) is realized.

Feature 8

A marginal amount of air used
The system operates with air pressure as low as 0.03MPa, and saves amount of air used to 3 Liter per min.


Phased Array Ionizing”, “No-Blow Ionizing”, “Ion Engine”, “Slight-Air Ionizing” are registered trademark (in Japan) of TRINC Corporation, a forerunner of this field.

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