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STATIC ELECTROMETER Features Applications
TAS-1270/1271/1272/1273 SEM •High accuracy measurement
•Wide range measurement
•Long working distance
•Chemical, Pharmaceutical
Electrostatic potential tester series corresponding to diversification of applications.
TAS-1270/1271/1272/1273 SEM
Electrostatic potential tester series corresponding to diversification of applications
Features Applications
  • ■High accuracy
  • ■Wide range
  • ■Long objective distance
  • ■Separate type
  • ■Small size / Light weight
  • ■Electronics
  • Small size / Light weight
  • ■Printing
  • ■Resin molding
  • ■Film related field
  • ■Power field
  • ■Chemistry
  • ■Food
  • ■Pharmacy

Electrostatic potential tester series corresponding to diversification of applications

Traditionally, measurement of electrostatic potential has been done in the field of electronics, but in recent years, electrostatic discharge has occurred in fields other than electronics, i.e. printing, resin molding, film related field, powder field, chemistry, food, An electrostatic potential tester is frequently used to cause problems, to grasp the actual condition and to investigate the cause. Traditionally, miniaturization of measuring objects accompanying miniaturization of electronics was a technical problem, but nowadays there is a growing need to remotely measure and monitor the static electricity of larger objects. In addition, the measurement range has also expanded, and it was better to measure up to 10KV in the past, but recently there has been a request to measure up to several tens of KV. Also, since we want to measure the static electricity of moving objects, there is a demand that we want the object distance to be increased from 50mm to 200mm from the conventional one. TRINC has developed a new series to meet these demands.

Feature 1

High measurement accuracy

Feature 2

Capable to measure in a range as wide as 30kV

Feature 3

Long objective distance
Measurement can be made remotely from the object.

Feature 4

Separate type (TAS-1272SEM-100-S, TAS-1273 SEM-10-S)
Since the sensor head and tester body are separated type, only sensor is installed deeply in existing equipment, the main body can be monitored externally by placing it outside the device.

Feature 5

Small size / Light weight
It is compact and lightweight so it can be installed in a small space.

STATIC ELCTROMETER Features Applications
TAS-271 SEM •Wide range measurement
•Good usablity
•Long-time operation
•For all manufacturing site
A general-purpose/wide-range static electrometer for one man one unit use.
Static electrometer
Static electrometer
Features Applications
  • ■Wide range
  • ■High accuracy
  • ■High reliability and durability
  • ■Excellent operability
  • ■Prevents battery exhaustion accidents
  • ■Long-time operation
  • ■Small size / Light weight
  • ■Low price
  • ■Electronic factory
  • ■Painting factory
  • ■Assembling factory
  • ■Clean room
  • ■Dust-free dressing room
  • ■Chemical factory
  • ■Pharmaceutical factory
  • ■Resin molding factory
  • ■Office / Hotel

IONIZER TESTER Features Applications
TAS-272 CPM •Graphic display
•Good usability
•Long-time battery operation
•Inspection of ionizers
Checking ionizers out for proper operation.
Displaying data graphically.
A charge plate monitor with a large-screen
Features Applications
  • ■Graphic display on a large-sized monitor
  • ■Three measuring modes
  • ■Excellent operability
  • ■Automatic power-off function
  • ■Long time operation
  • ■Low price
  • ■Inspection and evaluation of ionizers

A charge plate monitor with a large-screen graphic display has now come on stage.

Ionizers are increasingly being used as a countermeasure against static electricity and foreign matter at various work sites. However, the reality is that inspections and maintenance have not been carried out, misunderstanding that the countermeasures have been completed by installing the ionizer. In particular, ionizers that use air-blow are prone to electric leakage, and if inspection and maintenance are not performed, the static elimination performance will deteriorate and the static elimination effect will be lost, so inspection is essential. We often hear from customers who actually have doubts about the effect, saying, "I installed an ionizer a few years ago, but I don't know if it is effective or not at the moment. Is there a way to check it?" TRINC has developed "Ionizer Tester" as a means to solve this problem. The charge plate monitor equipped with a large-screen graphic display function displays the essential performance (ion balance and decay time) of the ionizer, which has been overlooked in the past, in graphs and numerical values. Moreover, since the price is reduced to about 1/4 of the conventional price, it can be used for quality control at the factory as a tool for inspection and evaluation of ionizers.

Feature 1

Graphic display on a large-sized monitor
With the graphic display on the large LCD, the real images of phenomenon that have been invisible on the conventional numeric display, such as pulsation of ion-balance, become visible to monitor ionizers

Feature 2

Three measuring modes
1. Ion-Balance
2. Positive Decay Time
3. Negative Decay Time

Feature 3

Power supply in tow ways
There are two ways to supply the power, AC adapter and battery (4 AA-alkaline batteries). In the battery operation mode, an automatic power-off function turns off the power when the tester is not in use for five minutes.

IONIZING EFFECT TESTER Features Applications
TAS-273 IET •Visualization of static neutralization
•Visualization of static eliminator's effect
•Long-time operation
•Manufacturing site using static eliminator
A basic instrument to measure electrostatic appears. Visualizing the state of static-elimination.
A basic instrument to measure electrostatic appears
Visualizing the state of static-elimination.
Features Applications
  • ■Visualizing the state of static dissipating from the surface of plastic
  • ■Visualizing the effectiveness of the ionizer eliminating static.
  • ■Automatic power-off function
  • ■Long time operation
  • ■Measurement of static elimination effect
TRINC's discharge needle has a long life. TRINC products have an easy maintenance such as one-touch cleaning and auto-cleaning, but sometimes users tend to forget to clean the needle. When the ionizer has been used for long time, discharge needle has come worn out and effectiveness of static elimination may reduce. The periodical exchange of needle is recommended.

Introducing the basic measuring instrument for static electricity. Visualize the static elimination status. (first in the world)
Recently, static eliminators (ionizers) those remove static electricity have come to be used at various manufacturing sites. Users naturally want to see the static electricity disappear, but in the past they couldn't even do that. It was a lack of basic measuring instruments in this area. There are two reasons why it is not possible.
(1) Ions hide static electricity.
Since the ions emitted by the ionizer float in front of the charged object, the ions cover the static electricity on the surface of the object to be measured, and the essential static electricity cannot be seen, that is, cannot be read.
(2) The measuring instrument mistakenly reads the ion.
Since the ions emitted by the ionizer also fall on the measuring instrument, the measuring instrument malfunctions and measurement cannot be performed. Since ions also have electric charges (static electricity), TRINC has succeeded in developing this basic measuring instrument "IONIZING EFFECT TESTER".

Feature 1

Visualizing the state of static dissipating from the surface of plastic (first in the world)
The state of the static being eliminated couldnʼt be observed in the past due to a disturbance caused by ions, but this instrument makes it possible to take a close look at the situation that the static charged on the surface of insulators dissipates.

Feature 2

Visualizing the situation that an ionizer is dissipating the static generated on the charge plate of this tester by friction
A combination of a charge plate to charge static and a material to rub together decides the polarity of the static charge.

Feature 3

Visualizing the situation that the static is forcibly charged, either positively or negatively, on a charge plate using the static charger is dissipating with an ionizer.

TAS-170 SCM •Real-time measurement
•Good usability
•Economic price
•Clean bench
•For all clean spaces
For real-time measurements and display of the cleanliness inside the work space of the clean bench, or the like.
Real-time measurement and data display of the cleanliness inside a clean bench becomes possible with this monitor.
Features Applications
  • ■Instantaneous detection function
  • ■Easy operation
  • ■Maintenance-free
  • ■Data transfer function (Option)
  • ■Economical price
  • ■Compact and Light-weight
  • ■Electronic factory
  • ■Painting factory
  • ■Assembling factory
  • ■Clean room
  • ■Clean bench
  • ■Dust-free dressing room
  • ■Chemical factory
  • ■Pharmaceutical factory
  • ■Resin molding factory
  • ■Office / Hotel


Phased Array Ionizing”, “No-Blow Ionizing”, “Ion Engine”, “Slight-Air Ionizing” are registered trademark (in Japan) of TRINC Corporation, a forerunner of this field.

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