Static EliminationPhased Array Ionizing(Space Ionizing)



Static charges in the space are all neutralized with high-accuracy.
For anti-static and anti-foreign measures in the field of electronics
and medical care.

Super wide area static ionizing
No-Blow ionizing
Super low power consumption
Ion volume detective sensor
Leak-Free ionizing
Phased Array ionizing
One-touch cleaner
Electronic Components / Precision Instruments
Transportation equipment/ Automobiles/ Machinery
Textiles / Paper
Rubber / Plastics
Printing / Coating
Steel / Metals / Non-metals

Feature details

The static-free environment is realized without air assistance.

Product defects due to static occur frequently in the season when humidity gets low. So anti-static measures are indispensable to keep stable production and quality. TRINC PHASED ARRAY IONIZER (to dissipate static) a work space in whole to make it the static-free environment like the rainy season.

Overwhelmingly low cost compared to clean rooms.

Not only is a high initial investment required to introduce a clean room into the factory, but the management gets to worry about a high running cost after instruction. Phased Array Ionizer is best suited for those who think that they don't necessarily need a clean room but are always worried about dust-related problems. Phased Array Ionizer is a wall-less clean room. Ordinary clean rooms are designed to prevent dust from coming into the room from outside, but Phased Array Ionizer was developed from a reversal thinking. That is, if floating dust in the space doesn't adhere to objects, there would be no dust-related defects, because dust adhesion is a result of static attraction charged on dust and objects. So neutralizing of those static was thought to be a solution. It was turned to be right and dust adhesion was reduced drastically, and "Room-less (wall-less) Clean Room” was borne.

Humidification is not required.

Because higher humidity holds down static, humidification inside the factory has been common as a antistatic measure. But some of them cannot raise humidity higher, or moisture can affect product quality. TRINC has established an antistatic measure effective even in the dry environment (non humid air) by neutralizing static. This displays a large ionizing ability without using any mediums like moisture.

Workers are freed from a wrist strap.

Workers are freed from the wrist strap that has long been used as an antistatic measure in mankind's history. This is a landmark event, since workers can walk around freely unbounded with a leash. The new factory style adopted in the "cell production" and "new innovative production" systems is a worker-centered world, and the obsolete image that workers are working tied to a leash has been renewed to free-walking-around. Phased Array Ionizer diffuses ions in every corner inside the factory so that atmospheric ions are floating everywhere inside the factory. In other words, the inside air starts to have conductivity, and the instant that human body or object gets charged with static, the ions floating nearby are absorbed to it to have the static dissipated into the air. A wrist strap has been no more required to ground the human body. Workers are freed from it.

No-Blow TRINC reduces the dust-related defects.

TRINC has embodied its leading motive, "Air is useless for ionization." It's a mistaken stereotype that ionization cannot be done without assistance of air. In reality, air is an adversary to the clean environment. It is the ions that ionization needs, and air is useless. TRINC has proposed "No-Blow Ionization" to defy the prevailing mistaken stereotype and enjoyed reputation from many worksites.

Layout can be changed freely.

A pair of Phased Array Ionizers set as a minimum unit, a combination of multiple units makes the effective space unlimited. The static-free space can be extended at will. Tailoring the space to factory layout, any configuration of the effective space can be made freely.
To make the best use of ion polarity in ionizing, it is necessary to synchronize the polarity of ionizers. TAS-821/823 SFS series are equipped with the dedicated link ports so that multiple ionizers are linked easier. The positive and negative ions emitted from each ionizer are well synchronized to make it possible to eliminate static powerfully and extensively.

Realize the environment where dust does not adhere to the objects by eliminating static electricity of dust.

Realize a wall-less clean room.
All the dust and particles become static-free.

"Why dust adheres to work piece?"
TRINC has focused attention on this fundamental question and has analyzed its adherence mechanism. As a result we found out that it is an electrically charged dust (activated dust) that adheres to the work. In other words, the dust adherence can be avoided by eliminating static charges on the dust floating in the space. We must avoid air-blow because air-blow diffuse dust and particles around. From this, the TRINC's idea "Room-less Clean Room = Wall-less Clean Room" has been borne.



Phased Array Ionizing’s Space Dust Prevention effect drastically reduces foreign matter adhesion to 1/10

A magical power of PHASED ARRAY IONIZER “Look! No more dust adheres!”

Product number (model number/format)

TAS-821 SFS-XXXX 0550
TAS-823 SFS-XXXX-CE 0550