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Application examples of TRINC

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Here, we introduce many case studies to show how TRINC static eliminators have reduced dust and contamination problems in paint booths, clean rooms, pharmaceutical facilities, and other applications. Among the many static eliminator manufacturers, each study shows reasons for our customers to choose TRINC. When we install TRINC products to resolve a problem that operators and managers have struggled with for many years they say they feel like our products are “Magically Effective Forever”.

Click improvement case you wanna see. 01. Cellular Phone Assembly Factory 02. Cellular Phone Assembly Line
03. Copier Manufacturing Plant 04. Flat Panel Display (FPD) Factory 05. FPD Glass Manufacturing Plant
06. FPC Manufacturing Plant I 07. FPC Manufacturing Plant II 08. FPC Manufacturing Plant III
09. FPC Manufacturing Plant IV 10. Polarizing Plate Manufacturing Plant 11. Plasma Display Panel (PDP) Manufacturing Plant
12. Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Plant I 13. Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Plant II 14. Gas Stove Maker's Painting Plant
15. Automaker's Body Painting Factory 16. Automotive Bumper Painting Factory I 17. Automotive Body Painting Factory II
18. Automotive Bumper Painting Factory II 19. Bullet Train (Shinkansen) Painting Factory 20. Plastic Parts Painting Factory
21. Aircraft Painting Factory 22. Plastic Parts Painting Factory II 23. Plastic Parts Painting Factory III
24. Cosmetic Packaging Factory 25. Metl Parts Painting Factory 26. Wood Grain Painting & Plastic Molding Factory
27. Automotive Headlamp Manufacturing Plant 28. Automotive Side-View Mirror Painting Factory 29. Automotive Rear-View Mirror Deposition Plant
30. Disposable Syringe Manufacturing Plant 31. Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturing Factory 32. Pharmaceutical Factory
33. Dry Ingradients and Seanoning Filling Process 34. Cup Ramen Manufacturing Factory 35. Air Shower Room
36. Changing Room before Clean room Other over 500 cases are introduced in TRINC METHOD Vol.IV
No.1  Cellular Phone Assembly Factory No.2  Cellular Phone Assembly Line
Dust particle defects reduced by 21% Dust drop in dust related defects
The assembly lines for cellular phone lenses were facing dust related problems during the manufacturing process. They have used fan type static eliminators in the past but after the introduction of Desktop TRINC, defects reduced by 21%. TRINC’s no-blow technology was the determining factor for their purchase. The assembly line was using conventional fan-type static eliminators for their cell phone touch screen panels. However, once they tested no-blow Bar TRINC, the defect rate dropped significantly. Now they use Bar TRINC for all their lines.

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No.3  Copier Manufacturing Plant No.4  Flat Panel Display (FPD) Factory
100% reduction in complaints Defects reduces by 75%
On average, manufacturers will receive five complaints every month regarding dust particle defects. However, when TRINC’s Phased Array Ionizer was introduced to one assembly line, dust particles were kept from sticking to the product and complaints were eliminated. Employees of the assembly line said "We tried many times to blow off the dust, but it never came off this easy before". They now use the same ionizers in their plant in China.
Panels attract dust when unpacked and placed on a process line or in between different assembly lines which lowers the yield rate. The lines are isolated from the outside air by transparent acrylic covers, but dust particles still finds a way to attach to the panels. By ionizing the glass substrates and inactivating dust particles, one factory recorded a 75% reduction in defects beginning the next day.

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No.5  FPD Glass Factory No.6  FPC Manufacturing Plant I
Defects reduced by 80% Wire breakage and short-circuit reduced by 60.2%
A glass FPD factory did not want to blow air on their products and found it hard to maintain static eliminators. TRINC introduced the no-blow Bar TRINC with an automatic cleaning function and defects were reduced drastically.
In a factory in Vietnam, they introduced TRINC's Phased Array Ionizer to the line and reduced the occurrence of wire fractures and short circuits by 60.2%.

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No.7  FPC Manufacturing Plant II No.8  FPC Manufacturing Plant III
Defects reduced by 75% Defects reduced by 50%
In a manufacturing factory in Thailand, they used a conventional fan type static eliminator for their line, however, still could not reduce the number of defects that they were experiencing. TRINC introduced Phased Array Ionizer in the exposure phase and reduced dust related defects in the factory by 75%. The manufacturer now uses TRINC’s Phased Array Ionizer for their whole line.
Currently in process of introducing TRINC’s Phased Array Ionizer and Bar TRINC to the FPC manufacturing line. A plant in Vietnam is having trouble controlling dust caused by their 3000 employees. TRINC is now working together with them to reduce defects and improve yield rates by implementing Bar TRINC and Phased Array Ionizers into the factory.
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No.9  FPC Manufacturing Plant IV No.10  Polarizing Plate Manufacturing Plant
Defects reduced by 21% Defect reduced by 72%
In a manufacturing factory in China, they previously used a conventional fan type static eliminator, but could not stop product defects from occurring. They have replaced their fan type static eliminator with TRINC’s Phased Array Ionizers and reduced their defect rate by half. Now Phased Array Ionizers are being used throughout the company including factories in Vietnam and Japan.

At the production plant for LCD Polarizing Plates, the debris produced during the process of blanking out the plastic boards was adhering to the products and increasing production defects. Since both the debris and products are plastic, static electricity was generated intensely and no useful countermeasures had been found. However, after introducing Bar TRINC into the blanking process, and the TRINC’s Phased Array Ionizer being installed to cover the whole process, the debris adherence was reduced drastically, and the related defects have been reduced by 72%.
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No.11  Plasma Display Panel Manufacturing Plant No.12  PCB Manufacturing Plant I
Defects reduced by 75% They installed TRINC's Phased Array Ionizers to their manufacturing process.
An electronics manufacturer introduced TRINC's Phased Array Ionizer to cover from the shipping area to the production equipment and reduced the number of dust related defects by 75%. The Phased Array Ionizer created higher yield rate and productivity which lead to lower cost in manufacturing.
TRINC supplied Phased Array Ionizer for one application. The customer said the actual installation status and results are not disclosed due to the confidentiality, but other factories in Japan and China noticed the results through their internal network and introduced TRINC's Phased Array Ionizer for their factory.
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No.13  PCB Manufacturing Factory II No.14  Gas Stove Marker's Painting Plant
They installed TRINC's Phased Array Ionizer, Bar TRINC, and Gun TRINC. Defects were reduced by 75%
This factory, the number one PCB manufacturer in the world, makes high-definition printed circuit boards in a clean room. Dust is a big problem, and managers always says that there was a big risk to manufacturing yield when visitors entered the factory. They purchased TRINC's Phased Array Ionizers with automatic cleaning and they are happy that their yield stays high even when visitors enter.

As soon as they introduced TRINC's Phased Array Ionizer into the painting plant where they painted the stove chassis cases, dust-related defects were reduced by 75%. A staff member from this plant called TRINC asking, "Why can we reduce defects so effectively like this? We had tried every possible method, but in vain." The salesman from another static eliminator maker who happened to be there to witness the effect was stunned and said, "Conventional static eliminators have no way to compete with it." Since then the customer installed Phased Array Ionizers in other areas of their plan as well as affiliated companies.
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No.15  Automobile Body Painting Factory I No.16 Automobile Bumper Painting Factory I
Defects reduced by 16% Defects reduced by 85%
TRINC was asked to propose improvements to reduce paint defects for a major car manufacturer’s energy-saving car painting line. After the initial installation a staff member from production engineering said "Since our factory is our mother plant, we obtain and evaluate all kinds of equipment from all over the world. Therefore, it is quite difficult for the production engineering department to improve by 1%. But when I brought in TRINC's Phased Array Ionizer and tested it, the defects suddenly decreased by 16%, which became a topic in the department.” Due to this tremendous success TRINC’s Phased Array Ionizers have been included in standard specifications and is being installed in this customer’s factories around the world. At a major manufacturer's bumper painting factory, they have taken various measures using conventional static eliminators with no significant improvement. However, after they adopted TRINC’s proposal to use vacuum heads with static eliminators the defects decreased by 85% and they were excited about the results. The department manager decided to introduce the same solution to all lines immediately.

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No.17  Automobile Body Painting Factory II No.18 Automobile Bumper Painting FactoryII
Defects reduced by 67% 300 units of "GUN TRINC" were installed.
When a paint defect occurs at a painting factory for van-type vehicles, workers would move the vehicle to a re-work shop to fix it. After the customer installed TRINC’s Phased Array Ionizers, the defect rate decreased by 67%. The large re-work shop is no longer necessary. The customer’s goal was to reduce re-work, but in the end they also gained extra space, which is more benefit than expected.

A long-established company that paints bumpers for automotive applications has struggled with re-work due to dust defects for many years. After purchasing some Gun TRINC static eliminators with one-touch cleaning and no leak ionization a key manager of the plant said "It works really well. The defect rate has decreased." All of the 300 conventional static elimination guns were replaced with Gun TRINC in about the next six months.
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No.19  Bullet Train (Shinkansen) Painting Factory No.20  Plastic Parts Painting Factory I
No more adhesion of dust. Defects were reduced by 52%.
TRINC’s explosion-proof-approved Phased Array Ionizers (TRINC’s EPA Ionizers) have been installed at a large facility in which Shinkansen trains are being painted. After good results from the initial installation of TRINC’s EPA Ionizers, a lot of TRINC’s EPA Ionizers were adopted in the following year. Shinkansen trains have been exported to China, Thailand and England. It is a great honor for TRINC to contribute to the efficient production of Shinkansen trains.

This factory has a simple and normal painting facility without air filtration. They used conventional gun-type static eliminators to try to blow off dust just before painting. But they had been worried about the problem of dust-related defects caused by dust re-attachment. Then they introduced TRINC’s Explosion-Proof-Approved Phased Array Ionizers (TRINC’s EPA Ionizers) into the booth where they are blowing off dust and painting. As a result of this change, dust-related defects have been reduced by 52%.
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No.21  Aircraft Painting Factory No.22  Plastic Parts Painting Factory II
Introduction of TRINC’s Explosion-Proof-Approved Phased Array Ionizer TRINC is essential for their production.
To improve painting quality and reduce re-work at a factory that is painting aircraft, TRINC’s EPA Ionizer was introduced. TRINC was able to contribute to a reduction in defects.

Delivery delays were caused by unexpected dust defects at a factory which manufactures game machine cases. An upset buyer came to the factory to investigate the cause of the defects. The reason for the issue was that a worker forgot to switch on the Gun TRINC he was using, which meant he was trying to remove dust just with air blowing. Therefore there was no benefit from TRINC’s powerful DC static elimination. As soon as he switched on the Gun TRINC, the dust problem was solved. "I can't produce these products without TRINC anymore," said the factory manager.
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No.23  Plastic Parts Painting Factory III No.24  Cosmetic Packaging Factory
Defect problem solved. A large number of TRINC’s Phased Array Ionizers were introduced.
The president of a motorcycle parts painting factory said, "Every time we make products, almost all of them have paint defects. So I can do nothing but to stop the production line. We need Gun TRINC as soon as possible. "When he installed Gun TRINC static eliminators on the line, the defect problem was completely solved.

Because beautiful and clean packaging is very important for cosmetics, customers who package cosmetic products say they should be very careful for dust not to adhere to the packages. Since it is necessary to take measures against dust, they have introduced a large number of TRINC’s Phased Array Ionizers.

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No.25  Metal Parts Painting Factory No.26  Wood Grain Panel Manufacturing & Plastic Molding Factory
Installation of TRINC’s Explosion-Proof-Approved Phased Array Ionizers. Introducing TRINC one after another
When the customer built a new line to assemble automobile instrument panels for a major electrical equipment manufacturer, there were many paint defects. These defects caused delays in delivery, and the customer had to ask the buyer to ease their inspection standards. When TRINC’s sales reps checked the production site, they found that many conventional static eliminators were installed and very few of them were functioning properly despite being less than one year old. The director of this company appreciated that TRINC’s reps were able to check the performance of the existing ionizers. He was disappointed with the performance of the old ionizers, and he immediately adopted TRINC static eliminators with one-touch cleaning and DC ion generation. A company which manufactures wood-grained panels used for the dashboard of high-end vehicles found strong benefit after they introduced TRINC static eliminators to prevent dust defects while painting. After that success this company installed TRINC’s high temperature static eliminators for injection molds. With this change they reduced dust attachment after molding automotive plastic parts. Now they have installed TRINC’s Phased Array Ionizers to reduce dust attachment while transporting and storing molded products. Introduction of TRINC static eliminators one after another have led to significant improvements.

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No.27   Automotive Headlamp Manufacturing Plant No.28  Automotive Side-View Mirror Painting Factory
We use only TRINC static eliminators Defects reduced by 74%
The quality of automotive headlamps is a serious matter for automobile manufacturers, and they do not accept even slight scratches, distortion, or unevenness on the reflector surface. This customer was using conventional static eliminators before, and the static eliminators used to be fail often due to electrical leakage. After the customer changed to TRINC static eliminators, they immediately got good results. The factory manager says "I use only TRINC static eliminators" because of its high reliability and excellent performance. Automotive side-view mirror painting requires a serious quality assurance (similar to headlamp painting and body painting). The customer tried every effort to reduce their re-work rate over a six-month period, but they achieved only a 3.5% improvement. After they introduced Gun TRINC, they successfully reduced defects by 74%. Their investment in one Gun TRINC static eliminator saved a few million dollars per month.

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No.29  Automotive Rear-View Mirror Deposition Plant No.30  Disposable Syringe Manufacturing Plant
Defects reduced by 50% TRINC earned a great reputation
Due to safety regulations there are various laws in place for the mirror surface of automotive rear-view mirrors. No defects that lead to image deterioration on the mirror surface are allowed, so it is very important to prevent dust adhesion before mirror surface deposition. After installing TRINC’s Phased Array Ionizers, the customer reports defects have been reduced by 50%.

Because disposable syringes are delivered in bundles, they stick together due to static electricity. Operators used to spend time and effort to separate them one by one by hand. It was a terrible waste of operator time and had a negative impact on efficiency. The customer installed TRINC static eliminators on the production line for a test, and the syringes stuck together due to static fell apart immediately. The factory people cheered and said, "It's amazing!" After that, the customer said that "TRINC earned a great reputation" and TRINC products have been installed in other areas of the facility.
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No.31 Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturing for Food Tray No.32  Pharmaceutical Factory
Operation rate 30% up due to use of Tape TRINC Bar TRINC is introduced.
TRINC received a request for consultation from a sushi tray underlay manufacturing plant, saying, "I have used a couple of manufacturer’s static eliminators before, but they are all ineffective. Can you help?" With a special arrangement in place, TRINC developed a new static eliminator suitable for their line. After it was installed, the customer got good results and TRINC static eliminators were installed in all their assembly lines. The customer said "Productivity increased by 30%. This factory was the busiest one among the three others, and we were operating in three shifts, but after installing TRINC static eliminators, productivity increased, and now we can meet our production targets in two shifts. Thanks to this, we won the President's Award”. “It was difficult to deal with static electricity generated in the conveyor line and parts feeder, so we have introduced TRINC’s bar-type static eliminators as a countermeasure against static electricity.” "I used to think there was no way to get rid of static electricity. After TRINC products were installed, I was surprised at how effective they are!"

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No.33  Dry Ingredients and Seasoning Filling Process No.34  Cup Ramen Manufacturing Factory
Zero seal contamination No-blow TRINC static eliminators installed.
During weigh-filling of dry food ingredients and powdered seasoning, product was sticking to the packaging material due to static electricity. This was a big problem. When TRINC’s static eliminator was installed, there was no sticking to the plastic and the packaging could be heat-sealed properly. TRINC’s static eliminators have now been introduced to all filling machines. Dust and foreign matter adhering to packaging in the manufacturing process of pre-packaged noodle meals is a big problem. Since the packaging is plastic, dust easily adheres to it. This causes quality defects and was very difficult for the manufacturer to reduce using other methods. They have introduced no-blow static eliminators from TRINC to prevent dust adhesion.
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No.35  Air Shower Room No.36  Changing Room before Clean Room
Dust removal effectiveness has become five times better Foreign debris attachment reduced by 25%
After a customer installed TRINC static eliminators in their air shower room, the effectiveness of removing foreign matter attached to clothes has increased by five times.

After TRINC’s Phased Array Ionizers were installed in the changing room as a measure against foreign debris carried into the clean room, the number of foreign particles carried into the clean room was reduced by 25%.
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Phased Array Ionizing”, “No-Blow Ionizing”, “Ion Engine”, “Slight-Air Ionizing” are registered trademark (in Japan) of TRINC Corporation, a forerunner of this field.

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