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 Last resort for anti-dust/-static measures  "TRINC TEMPLE"

 TRINC has held seminars on anti-static/dust measures for a total of 10,000 engineers up until now.
 Participants will surprise and become confused immediately after listening the seminar which is so different
 from the conventional method, but you will be furnished with the joy of improvement afterwards.  

TRINC's visit-on-site mini exhibition

For those who have been promoting an employee training for anti-static/-dust measures but have been in difficulties like;

  • The company desires to have all the staffs who are engaged in anti-static/-dust measures.
  • It desires to share the information of the latest equipment to solve static and dust problems,
   but they found it not possible to have a profound understanding of it only through the Web and catalogs.

TRINC prepares to provide them with the “TRINC’s Visit-on-site Mini Exhibition, which gives a demonstration at customer’s office, factory or else with all necessary TRINC products taken in.

※Note, however, that due to the limitations of demo models materials, and human resource, there might be a case that it cannot respond to customer’s request. So, it would like to decide the meeting on the grounds of customer’s information for the place, time, location and number of participants. To start with, anyway, please let us know of your requests.

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Phased Array Ionizing”, “No-Blow Ionizing”, “Ion Engine”, “Slight-Air Ionizing” are registered trademark (in Japan) of TRINC Corporation, a forerunner of this field.

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