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Trinc has given due consideration to antifire and explosion-protection measures. For the use of static ionizer in a flammable environment, it has to be TRINC!

 A spark produced by static can ignite a fire or an explosion in the environmet where solvent or flammable powders exist, which must be avoided absolutely. Of course those conventional static ionizers that discharge ions into the air with high voltage cannot be used, even under the situation that static ionization is needed. Given this factor, TRINC invented a world's first approved explosion-proof model, which makes the use of a static ionization in the flammable environment possible. The explosion-proof construction that TRINC made possible can be applied without anxiety to the work site where they have long given up as saying "a static ionization is dengerous and impossible."

■ TRINC's explosion-proof features;

1.Safety explosion-proof construction…Safety minded protection measures
The safety enhansed construction design not to allow sparks or heat spot to be exposed to flammable gas under normal operation

2.Pressure withstanding construction…Withstnding pressure with outer skin
Totally enclosed construction endures the explosion even if it takes place inside it, and also ensures for the outside explosive gas or particles not to catch fire.

3.Pressurized explosion-proof construction...Always pressuriszing ionizer with fresh air
The construction for no explosive gas or particles to intrude into the system through any openings by continuously pressurizing it with fresh air.