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Contribution to the realization of a Decarbonized Society

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TRINC's original technology Contribution to the global environment

Static eliminators and Clean room related equipment that do not require factory air by huge air flow control unit

Ultra-low power consumption without the need for a compressor that consumes enormous power and huge air flow control equipment

Overwhelming countermeasure effect by dense ion and airflow control

Improve productivity and shorten operating time by preventing defects and equipment malfunctions

Countermeasure technology / equipment based on a new theory that considers static and dust problems to be inseparable

Saving resources and reducing industrial waste by drastically reducing foreign matter defects

No-Blow Ionizing

Conventional ionizers mainly used in factories require compressed air or fan blow (air-blow ionizer). This is because it has been thought that the target work cannot be statically eliminated unless the ions are blown by air.

TRINC has contradicted that theory and has been working on its technological development advocating no-blow static elimination that emits ions over a wide area without air-blow and strongly eliminates static electricity. With the advent of this no-blow static elimination, it has become possible to dramatically reduce the power consumption of ionizers. Please refer to the graph on the right below. (* ex. The power consumption of an ionizer using compressed air is calculated from the average power consumption of multiple bar-type ionizers at a pressure of 0.2 to 0.5 MPa).

In addition, an air-blow ionizer disturbs the surrounding airflow and scatters foreign matter, which has been a cause of defects at the manufacturing site. By using our no-blow ionizer, foreign matter defects can be dramatically reduced, which improves productivity and eliminates the process of discarding defective products or repairing them, leading to waste reduction and energy saving.

Click here for a technical explanation of no-blow static elimination

Air-blow ionizer Comparison of ionizer power consumption
TRINC’s No-Blow Ionizer

Clean Room Unit, Phased Array Ionizer

Speaking of a clean environment equipment, clean rooms are the most well-known equipment. This clean room requires extensive air control unit. In addition, unnecessary areas are cleaned in order to centrally manage a large space, and continuous operation is required even at night when the factory is stopped because work can be started immediately at the start of work. Considering the environmental load required for this, we cannot say the equipment is energy efficient.

TRINC has successfully accomplished to create a magical space where foreign matter does not adhere to the product, such as a clean room with extremely low power consumption by space ionizing using Phased Array Ionizer, which is an evolution of no-blow static elimination. The new idea of preventing foreign matter from adhering to the product has made the impossible possible. Furthermore, by developing a clean room unit that combines the advantages of a clean room and space ionizing, it has become possible to realize a cleaner space with lower power consumption than a conventional clean room.

Click here for a technical explanation of the Phase Array Ionizer
Click here for product information on the Clean-Room Unit
TRINC’s Phase Array Ionizer
TRINC’s Clean-Room Unit
Comparison of clean environment equipment

Low power cleaner with compact wind-engine

Cleaners for removing foreign matter have been using the methods of bowing by high-pressure air or washing with pure water. These methods consume very much electric power because they require huge wind power equipment and water treatment systems. In recent years, it has become necessary to remove smaller foreign substances, so it is necessary to further increase the pressure of the air blow. Along with this, the enormous size of wind power equipment has become remarkable.

TRINC has developed various cleaners those overwhelmingly increase the foreign matter removal rate with much lesser amount of air pressure and air volume by effectively using the power of ions, considering that the cause of foreign matter adhesion is static electricity. By adopting a compact wind engine, we have achieved extremely high dust removal performance by optimizing the ion and air blow methods according to the object.

Dust removal targets are wide-ranging, including films, sheets, panels, jigs, trays, tubes, and even the human body (air shower), contributing to carbon-free in various fields.

Click here for technical information on various cleaners
Click here for product information on the Ion Air-Shower Kit
Image of conventional film cleaner TRINC Film Cleaner

The improvement effects using TRINC’s Phazed Array Ionizerhave been received an award “2022 Energy Conservation Grand Prize of Japan, Minister Prize of Economic, Trade and Industry”

“Phazed Array Ionizer® = ESG’s effective means” are demonstrated
Examples of Toyota Industries Corporation, Anjo Plant Improvements

Because higher humidity holds down static, humidification inside the factory has been common as an antistatic measure.But some of them cannot raise humidity higher, or moisture can affect product quality. There is also a problem of high electricity and fuel costs, which needs to be improved as soon as possible.

TRINC has established an antistatic measure effective even in the dry environment (non humid air) by neutralizing static through ions.This displays a large ionizing ability without using any mediums like moisture.

This issue has already been recognized widely and, as a successful example, "Alleviation of factory air conditioning management by phased array ionizing" of Toyota Industries Corporation,Anjo Plant has received an award “2022 Energy Conservation Grand Prize of Japan, Minister Prize of Economic, Trade and Industry”.

According to the report of the prize, LNG consumption for humidification has reduced by 40% that is a very big achievement.

Problem before introduction The entire factory was air-conditioned for product quality control, but in the winter when the humidity drops, a large amount of steam was required to humidify the factory, resulting in an increase in the consumption of LNG (liquefied natural gas).
Measures content Installation of Phased Array Ionizer
The devices were installed in areas intensively where static electricity countermeasures were especially important.
Achievement ・A higher level of static electricity countermeasures came to be possible
・Relaxation of humidity control level
・Reduction of plant LNG (liquefied natural gas): 40%
effect ionizing


Phased Array Ionizing”, “No-Blow Ionizing”, “Ion Engine”, “Slight-Air Ionizing” are registered trademark (in Japan) of TRINC Corporation, a forerunner of this field.

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