Extraordinary improvement effect

TRINC’s Clean bench


Is the inside of that clean bench really clean?

When using a clean beach, it’s easy to assume that one is working in a clean environment, but in reality there is tremendous risk involved.
▪ If the clean bench is operated by itself, it may realize a fairly good level of cleanliness, but if there is human intervention...
▪ You use a blowing ionizer as a good measure against static electricity and dust, but the effect is...
▪ You change the filter only when you notice it...
▪ Is the generation of dust completely suppressed from the bodies of people wearing dust-free clothes?

▪*For details, please read the book “Clean Bench Innovation”

Clean Desktop TRINC is a product we recommend to people who are worried because they are using a clean bench but the number of defects is not decreasing.
If you use this product, your workspace on your desk will instantly become a class 1 super clean environment!
Of course, this environment is maintained even if people work on it.
Here, we introduce some of the features of Clean Desktop TRINC, which has a reputation for producing no defects at all.


This is what makes Clean Desktop TRINC amazing!

Amazing cleanliness! Realize a class 1 super clean environment in just 1 minute

Just by installing CLEAN DESKTOP TRINC on your desk, you can have a cleaner environment than a clean room. Moreover, the same level of cleanliness can be achieved not only in clean rooms but also in regular office environments.

By wearing clean gloves on your arms, you can completely prevent dust from adhering during the assembly and inspection processes!



Completely blocks out external dust and maintains a perfectly clean environment during work!

The inside and outside of the clean desktop are completely isolated by an air shield, so there is no chance of external dust entering the workspace (see video on the right).
But with a typical clean bench, dust from the outside can easily get inside, so the cleanliness level actually deteriorates during work.
This decisive difference can be seen in the video above. Check the behavior of the cleanliness monitor when dust is generated in front of the device.


It is equipped with a no-blowing ionizer to eliminate static electricity

A commonly seen mistake is using a fan-type ionizer inside a clean bench.
Using a fan inside a clean bench will disrupt the airflow and end up covering your products with dust!
TRINC’s no-blow ionizing is essential for preventing dust and static electricity.

Clean Desktop is equipped with a high-performance no-blow ionizer as standard, so we can provide an ideal super clean environment with zero dust and zero static electricity.

Do ideal dusting with Air-Blow Desktop TRINC

Blow out dusty products with air to remove dust.
This work is done often, but in fact, it may contaminate the surrounding environment and result in an increase in dust defects.

Air Blow Desktop TRINC immediately collects the dust blown away, so it does not contaminate the environment and there is no risk of dust re-adhering to workpieces or equipment. As a result, we can reduce defects to zero.

The unique structure makes maintenance easy!

Conventional clean benches require filter replacement every three months, but the reality is that replacement work is so troublesome that maintenance is often neglected.

In contrast, Clean Desktop TRINC does not require filter replacement for a long period of time. The no-blow ionizer can clean the discharge needle in less than 1 second using the one-touch cleaner.


Can be arranged in any layout to suit the product and work

Fan-shaped type                    Rectangular type

Fan-shaped type、rectangular type

Clean Desktop TRINC and Air-Blow Desktop TRINC have a diverse lineup and can be used for a wide range of applications.
There are two types of shapes available: the fan-shaped type that allows for open work with a wide frontage, and the rectangular type that can be expanded and contracted laterally. Each type is available in two different sizes (4040/6060).

Regardless of the shape or size, there is a high-performance model (HP model) that achieves super cleanliness, a mid-performance model (MP model) with excellent cost performance, and a low-cost model (PP model) that easily provides a clean environment.

Ultra-clean environment anytime, anywhere "PORTABLE CLEAN BENCH"

TRINC's PORTABLE CLEAN BENCH is the only clean bench in the world which you can keep it in storage and can bring out to use whenever you need it. It is useful when you want to make a local ultra-clean environment that surpasses ultra-high performance clean rooms or clean benches only when you need it without spending time and effort.  


A clean environment created above the conveyor protects the work from dust adherence "CONVEYOR CLEAN BENCH"

         (1) For processes on the conveyor                 (2) For processes by workers or robots beside the conveyor

In industry, a clean bench means a stand-alone type compartment surrounded by vinyl sheets and mounted with an FFU (fan filter unit) on the ceiling. It has not been a easy job to install the conventional clean bench into the conveyor line because a fairly big modification is needed for the compartment so as to have a hole each on right and left sidewalls to let the conveyor pass through. TRINC has developed a new product “CONVEYOR CLEAN BENCH” to solve this problem. 

TRINC's  CONVEYOR CLEAN BENCH can be set up on the conveyor in the form of it straddling the conveyor without modifying the line currently used. Placing this equipment in the process that requires a clean environment on the conveyor solves dust-related problems as well.

Available for two types of processes.
 (1) For processes where machining is done from the top of the conveyor
 (2) For processes where working by workers or robots is done beside the conveyor


Achieves amazing reduction in defects with CDT

Example of a printing equipment manufacturer that was having trouble reducing the amount of dust adhering in the assembly process using a general clean bench.
Conventional clean bench Dust adhesion NG: 6 pieces (Input: 14)
TRINC TAS-615 CDT-HP4040 Dust adhesion NG: 0 pieces (Input: 17) ...all A grades
Comments from actual worker I was surprised that the TRINC product had more hand space, better working posture, and no dust stuck to it.