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Made in Japan
Trinc has published a book "Supplier to Worldwide Toyota Factories: Made in Japan" (publisher: WingSpan Press). Static and dust are among the biggest problems at the worksites today. This book cuts deeply into the basic issues that raised to the surface through a close watch of various phenomena contributable to them, and brings the big mistakes repeated for more than 50 years to light. By introducing a new idea to overcome, it not only shows a new direction but clear up a concrete solution to deal with the problems.

Throughout the book, the story tells about how a small venture company had built up a relationship of mutual relation with the world's leading company, and expects this experience conduces to new challenging companies.

Taking this opportunity, Trinc would like to have these new challengers read through the book.

Book name Supplier to Worldwide Toyota Factories:
Made in Japan
Price [Hardcover] $27.95  [Paperback] $14.95
Author Makoto Takayanagi, President of TRINC. ORG
Page 194 pages
Publisher WingSpan Press


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