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Clean environment construction

About Clean environment construction

New Concept
Clean environment construction
Realization of a truly clean environment with zero foreign matter and zero static electricity
TRINC’s definition of a “true clean environment” is a space that is free of foreign matter floating in the air, but also a space where, if foreign matter is generated inside, it can be quickly collected before it contaminates the environment without adhering to the product. This is because the risk of dust generation exists everywhere, including when workers enter a room, when materials are brought in, when equipment is operated, and when products are processed. No matter how much care is taken, it is impossible to completely prevent the inflow and generation of these foreign matter.
Foreign matter that have entered or generated are charged with static electricity, so they are attracted to and adhere to products and equipment. In other words, in actual processes, there are foreign matter problems that cannot be prevented by simple cleanliness control alone.

TRINC’s device for clean environment construction neutralizes the static charge of foreign matter generated inside and
immediately nullifies the Coulomb’s attraction by using our original technologies of No-Blow Ionizing® and Phased Array Ionizing®. Furthermore, with this dust prevention effect, foreign matter can be quickly collected before it diffuses into the work area. This ideal clean environment, which combines overwhelming purification and dust prevention capabilities, leads to solutions to foreign matter problems that could not be overcome in a conventional clean environment.



Outperforms conventional cleanrooms in terms of cost, dust prevention capability, and energy-saving performance

Transforms an ordinary room into an ideal cleanroom. In addition to high cleanliness,the space ionizing prevents foreign matter from adhering, thus preventing more foreign matter defects than in conventional cleanrooms with overwhelming energy-saving operation. Of course, it is also fully equipped with static electricity countermeasures. Since the system can be installed without any building work, there is no need to stop the operation of the factory. The system can be freely expanded and the layout can be
changed to flexibly accommodate future changes in the environment.



Powerful and uniform dust removal from the entire body.
New doorless type air shower that thoroughly prevents the inflow of foreign matter.

Rich ion air is blown evenly from the head to the shoe soles, achieving a high dust removal capacity that is far superior to that of conventional air showers. In addition, the rectification system quickly collects foreign matter, so unlike conventional air showers that generate turbulence inside, there is no risk of foreign matter flowing outward or reattaching. This thoroughly prevents foreign matter from being introduced into the cleanroom. In addition to the fact that no installation work is required, the unit can be moved freely on casters, making it possible to use it inside the cleanroom.




Your desk becomes a class 1 clean bench in just 1 minute.

Transforms your desk into a localized ultra-clean space. Class 100 cleanliness can be achieved in 10 seconds after start-up, and Class 1 in another minute.

The work area is filled with ions, which not only prevents the adhesion of foreign substances generated during work, but also provides full protection against electrostatic breakdown.

Various size model are lined up. Portable and air blow bench models are also available.



To prevent contamination during storage and transportation

A highly clean space is created to prevent foreign matter from adhering to products during storage and transportation. Since it operates on battery power, it maintains a Class 1 ultra-clean environment even when moving between buildings. It also has a flow path design that prevents dust from being sucked in when loading and unloading workpieces. High performance ionizers are equipped to prevent static problems.