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Anti-Dust / -Static Measures

About “No-blow ionizing®” and “Phased array ionizing®”

We are introducing “No-blow ionizing®” and “Phased array ionizing®,” in New Standard of Anti-Dust / -Static Measures.


No-blow ionizing®


 No-blow ionizing®

  It is a false stereotype that static elimination is
  only possible with air assist. In fact, air-assisted
  static elimination, which uses compressed air or
  fan air, is the enemy of a clean environment. Only
  ions are needed for static elimination, and no
  blow is better.
  TRINC has proposed “No-Blow Ionizing®” to
  break through the conventional misconception,
  and it has been well received at many sites.



Prevents particles from rolling up and blowing onto workpieces

In the common electronics factories, ionizers those blow air to the objects to remove the static electricity have been used. 
But blowing air raises the staying dust around and pollutes environment. At the same time blow-air sprays the dust to the object causing defect. 
It's a mistaken stereotype that ionization cannot be done without assistance of air. It is the ions that ionization needs, and air is useless. 

The static eliminator (Ionizer)of No-blow ionizing® radiates only ions without using wind, keeping the environment clean and dust-free. Since dust is not blown onto the product, foreign matter defects are reduced. 

Does not disrupt laminar flow in cleanrooms or clean benches

Clean rooms and clean benches use a flow of air (laminar flow) filtered by filters to collect dust and foreign matter. However, if an ionizer that uses air blow is used in a clean room or clean bench, the flow will be disturbed, causing dust defects.

Since the static eliminator ( Ionizer ) of No-blow ionizing® does not use air, dust and foreign matter do not scatter and do not disturb the original laminar flow even if it is installed in a clean room or clean bench.
No-blow ionizing® is indispensable for clean rooms and clean benches to reach their full potential.

Examples of no-blow ionizer

Bar typer   High accurate bar type   EPA model

Desktop   Small and spot   Handheld



Phased Array Ionizing®

 Phased Array Ionizing®

    Why does dust adhere to workpieces?

  Focusing on this basic question, we analyzed
  the mechanism of dust adhesion. As a result,
  it was found that floating charged dust
  adheres to workpieces. In other words, dust
  adhesion to workpieces can be prevented by
  ionizing the space with each floating dust.



Prevents foreign matter from adhering to products

▪Highly effective for insulators, semiconductors, metals, and any other type of materials
▪Highly effective for all kinds and sizes of foreign objects
▪Energy saving and lower cost than cleanrooms by far
* Actual values measured under our measurement conditions, not guaranteed values.

PHASED ARRAY IONIZER prevents or drastically reduces dust adhesion to products by static eliminating the entire room or space, including dust floating in the space. PHASED ARRAY IONIZER creates an ion-filled space with no airflow.

Great results can be obtained regardless of the type of target material, such as metals, semiconductors, insulators, etc. Also, any type and size of foreign matter can be used.

Layout can be changed to suit the manufacturing site, and relocation and expansion are easy, making installation far less costly and energy-efficient than clean rooms.


ESD countermeasure without humidification and wrist strap (ESD: Electro-Static Discharge)

▪Free from wrist straps
▪Flexible layout and expansion
▪Higher performance, energy saving, and lowercost than humidification by far


PHASED ARRAY IONIZER eliminates static electricity from the worker along with the product, eliminating the need for conventional antistatic measures , such as wrist straps, conductive flooring, and conductive shoes.

The layout can be changed to suit the manufacturing site, and relocation and expansion are easy. It also has overwhelmingly better static elimination performance than humidifying the entire factory, and is low-cost and energy-efficient.


Example of phased array ionizers (Space ionizer)

Standard   High accuracy model   EPA model

High-temperature resistant   Desktop