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TRINC --- It`s byword for the next-generation [static and foreign particles] control system.
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Trinc is a company that challenges antistatic and anti-dust measures with its innovative technology.
Are you still worried about static-related problems, such as an inefficient static ionizer, an antistatic measure only to ease one’s mind, a dust problem, a worsening process yield, and so on? Our antistatic and anti-dust system solves your worries.
The static electricity, which often destroys electronic components, collects dust and yields inferior products, has been hardly solved by conventional static ionizers. Trinc had brought its unique idea and technology into this field and developed successfully an innovative static elimination system previously unheard of. As already informed through various media, companies which introduced this system brought astonishing results, like a plasma TV maker who reduced dust problems by 75%, an automaker by 84%, and a copying-machine maker by 100%.
The words of static and dust may indeed sound trivial, but they become the largest disturbing factors in modern production systems. Because the company management not only in Japan but in the world fails to recognize that the problem caused by the static and dust is a serious issue to the global environment, a battle to yield defective products has been desperately fought day and night.
For the increased benefit of customers as well as the global environment, we would like to urge the management to introduce our antistatic and static eliminating system.

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