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President's message

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The speed of technological innovation is remarkable nowadays, and new technologies that can change the world are being born one after another. In addition, the idea that the SDGs will permeate the world and develop while protecting the environment and friendly to the earth has instantly changed the way the manufacturing industry should be.
TRINC's responsibilities do not change at all even in this rapidly changing world. Our responsibility, as a pioneer in this field, is to face the problems together and never retreat until the people at the manufacturing site, who struggle to face the problems with the static electricity and with the resulting foreign matter adhesion (“DUST x STATIC” problems) every day at the forefront of the manufacturing site. In addition, by providing low power consumption tools, we contribute to reducing the environmental load caused by manufacturing activities by improving productivity and reducing waste products.
TRINC is studying day and night solutions to the problems of a wide variety of manufacturing sites arising every day, and is developing technology to realize them. We will continue to pursue the best countermeasures without compromising on customer problems that could not be solved by conventional methods. TRINC's common sense is the spirit of challenge that negates the conventional incorrect common sense and overcomes the impossible. The more difficult problems that have emerged from the innovative products are the areas where we should tackle.
TRINC recognized for the first time in the world that there are fatal problems in terms of foreign matter defects and environmental load to use air-blow for static elimination, which has been the common knowledge in the past. Since then, we have taken responsibility for finding a technology that solves the problem with no-blow static elimination, and we have repeated trial and error for that purpose. Solving the no-blow “DUST x STATIC” problems that will be indispensable at the manufacturing site in the future is the longest and deepest specialized field that TRINC has been involved in the world.
< The problem of “DUST x STATIC” problems is an unavoidable path at the manufacturing site of products that are diversified and refined in all fields. The standards and environment required by each field vary, but TRINC is a pioneer in this field and proposes the optimum solution to meet the needs of our customers. The company size of TRINC is moderate and we do not aim to have a direct impact in the world, but we will continue to pursue what only we can do, and strive to contribute to the manufacturing site and the global environment to the goal to be appreciated by “We cannot produce new products that will change the world without TRINC.”

February 1, 2022
Jun Takayanagi
TRINC Corporation

Phased Array Ionizing”, “No-Blow Ionizing”, “Ion Engine”, “Slight-Air Ionizing” are registered trademark (in Japan) of TRINC Corporation, a forerunner of this field.

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