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TRINC Demo Center Network

At the TRINC Central Demo Center, various TRINC products are exhibited, and through their large-scale demonstrations, you can see the methods and effects of foreign matter and static electricity countermeasures. Remote Customer Demonstration (RCD) allows you to experience the TRINC Central Demo Center online from anywhere in the world. We also hold seminars on dust and static countermeasures and technical consultations by the specialists. Please experience the TRINC Demo Center, which has a reputation for an eye opener.
I want to experience the effects and usability of TRINC's various products.
I would like to consult with TRINC about ”dust x static” countermeasures.

I want to check and ask questions while operating the actual products.

I want to check / consult from my office / home

TRINC Laboratory

You can experience the effects of all products right in front of you.
 Central Demo Center
 Product Performance Evaluation Center
For overseas customers, please visit the mini demo center
* The number of exhibits at the Mini Demo Center is limited.
Please contact us in advance for exhibits.

Online Demo Center (RCD)

Delivering live broadcasts with a feeling of presence all over the world.
Inside the Central Demo Center 
Join from home  Join from the office
(Advance reservation is required)
(Advance reservation is required)

At the TRINC Demo Center
 Listen! Look! Feel!
You can check the effect and operation method of "DUST x STATIC" countermeasure device.
Demonstration experience using the actual device at the demo center Remote demo
  • 1) Exhibit and demo all the products with a full lineup (including large device)
  • 2) Offer an experiential demo which you can intuitively understand the behavior of static electricity, ions, and foreign matters those cannot be seen by eyes.
  • 3) You can check the effect and usability by picking up the actual device. (When you visit the demo center)
  • 4) Zoom-up the area you want to see and we explain it thoroughly (When you join the online demo)
We hold a seminar on measures against "DUST x STATIC"
Equipped with a seminar room for 100 people Touching devices during seminar
  • 1) We explains TRINC's unique countermeasures and devices
  • 2) Can be held from individual seminars to large-scale seminars for dozens of people
  • 3) You can deepen understanding by experiencing the demonstration of countermeasure devices linked with the seminar contents at the time.
We accept consultations regarding the "dust x static" problem.
With technical staff in the meeting room Explaining intelligibly in a dedicated studio
  • 1) Professional discussions are possible with technical staff
  • 2) Propose specific countermeasures by utilizing various exhibits
  • 3) Easy-to-understand explanation using the actual device in a dedicated studio (online consultation)
  • 4) Carefully respond to any problems
(Advance reservation is required)
(Advance reservation is required)

Demonstration content (Selected examples)

You can experience the effect of removing static electricity from the human body and preventing particles from adhering.

You can experience how foreign matter is removed from films and trays.

You can experience the amazing purification ability and prevention of foreign matter intrusion from the outside.

You can experience how an ordinary room is turned into a clean room and the effect of preventing particles from adhering in the space with ions.

You can experience the overwhelming performance of the ION AIR-SHOWER KIT while comparing it with the conventional air shower from both theoretical and experimental perspectives.
[Extra option] Static electricity Museum

Not only TRINC products, but also many science experiment gadgets related to static electricity are exhibited. You can remember when you experienced static electricity at the time of childhood.

Location of TRINC Central Demo Center

TRINC Central Demo Center
TRINC Central Demo Center 719-1 kamihara-Cho, Nishi-Ku, Hamamatsu-City, Shizuoka-Pref. 432-8004 Japan, in the TRINC Laboratory

Location of mini demo center

Shanghai Demo Center
Shanghai Demo Center #1113, 11th floor, 525 Chengyin Rd, Baoshan, Shanghai, 201803 China
蘇州デモセンター(Ⅰ) >江蘇省蘇州市新区獅山路35号金河国際大厦1801室
蘇州デモセンター(Ⅱ) >江蘇省苏州市姑苏区三香路1338号恒业铂金大厦18階1810室
Taipei Demo Center 
Taipei Demo Center #4, 7th floor, No. 20, Changchun Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 10491 Taiwan
Bangkok Demo Center
Bangkok Demo Center Rompo Business Center Room A9,2nd Floor,Rompo Mansion,115 Rimthangrotfaisaipaknam Road,Khlongtoei,Bangkok 10110 Thailand
Malaysia Demo Center 
Malaysia Demo Center B-09-08, Level 9, Block B, Plaza Mont' Kiara, No2, Jalan Kiara ,Mont' Kiara 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Indonesia Demo Center
Indonesia Demo Center EJIP Center 2nd Floor EJIP Industrial Park Plot 3A, Cikarang Selatan,Bekasi 17550 West Java, Indonesia
Dusseldorf Demo Center 
Dusseldorf Demo Center Immermannstr.35 40210 Düsseldorf F.R.Germany

(Advance reservation is required)
(Advance reservation is required)

Phased Array Ionizing”, “No-Blow Ionizing”, “Ion Engine”, “Slight-Air Ionizing” are registered trademark (in Japan) of TRINC Corporation, a forerunner of this field.

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