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Static application


Static Application Device

FILM ADSORPTION TRINC Features Applications
TAS-605 FAS •Soft adsorption of protective film
•Compact body
•No leakage, No electric shock
•Film for LCD
•Film for glass panel
•Other film
For adsorption of protective film.
The surroundings will not rust anymore. No electric leakage. Don't get an electric shock.
Films are adsorbed firmly to the panel like glass.
No more rusted items around. No more electric leaks. No more electric shocks.
Features Applications
  • ■Low ozone generation
  • ■Not rusting other items
  • ■No electric leakage
  • ■No electric shock
  • ■Softly worked adsorption
  • ■Compact
  • ■Adsorption of film
  • ■Film for LCD panel
  • ■Film for glass panel
  • ■Other films
TRINC's discharge needle has a long life. TRINC products have an easy maintenance such as one-touch cleaning and auto-cleaning, but sometimes users tend to forget to clean the needle. When the ionizer has been used for long time, discharge needle has come worn out and effectiveness of static elimination may reduce. The periodical exchange of needle is recommended.

Ion-managed film adsorption machine

Conventional ones have been assessed by users ;

  (1)They smell an odor of ozone.
  (2)Surrounding machines rust.
  (3)They cause an electric leakage.
  (4)They cause an electric shock.

These are all results from a high voltage.
Cutting deeply into the basic structure of the device to lower a voltage this time, we have given birth to a safe and easy-to-use film adsorption device that solves all these problems.

Feature 1

Low ozone generation
Since a high voltage is suppressed low, generation of ozone becomes low.

Feature 2

Not rusting other items
Since ozone generation is extremely small, it wouldn’t rust surrounding machinery and tools.

Feature 3

No electric leakage
Since a high voltage is suppressed low, an electric leakage doesn’t not occur.

Feature 4

No electric shock
There is no electric shock taking place because no electric leakage occurs.

Feature 5

Softly worked adsorption
Films are adsorbed softly by skillfully managed ions.

Feature 6

Since the ion generation head is made compact, it can be installed into the gap of mechanical devices.

Feature 7

Various sizes available
Various sizes are prepared according to the width of the work piece (280mm - 2800mm).

Feature 8

High reliability
Since a high voltage is suppressed low, failures would hardly occur and high reliability is secured.

Feature 9

Long life
Because a high voltage is suppressed low, no electric leakage occurring and low ozone generating make the device life long.

Feature 10

Easy maintenance
Electric discharge needles are cleaned in a lump with the one touch cleaner for easy maintenance.

Feature 11

Low power consumption
The power consumed is mere 6W.


Phased Array Ionizing”, “No-Blow Ionizing”, “Ion Engine”, “Slight-Air Ionizing” are registered trademark (in Japan) of TRINC Corporation, a forerunner of this field.

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