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Welding Fume

Welding Fume


WELDING FUME COLLECTOR Features Applications
TAS-1538 FUMC-W •Outflow prevention
•High fume collection ability
•Easy maintenance
•Movable with casters
•Welding factory
Collect all the airborne welding fume.
Collect all the airborne welding fume.
The 3-stage filter adopted
Features Applications
  • ■Outflow prevention
  • ■High fume collection ability
  • ■Easy maintenance
  • ■Movable with casters
  • ■Welding factory
TRINC's discharge needle has a long life. TRINC products have an easy maintenance such as one-touch cleaning and auto-cleaning, but sometimes users tend to forget to clean the needle. When the ionizer has been used for long time, discharge needle has come worn out and effectiveness of static elimination may reduce. The periodical exchange of needle is recommended.

Capture and collect welding fumes thoroughly.

Fume collectors have traditionally been used in welding plants as a means of collecting the fumes generated by welding. However, because the fume collection rate has been low in the past, fumes have actually leaked into the plant, causing problems that are harmful to the health of workers throughout the plant. In consideration of this problem and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare ordinance were revised in April 2021, and welding fumes were added to the list of specified chemical substances in addition to dust control measures, and exposure prevention measures have become compulsory.

In response to this, TRINC has now released a new device that can thoroughly collect welding fumes. This device can achieve a high fume collection rate and prevent thoroughly the leakage of welding fumes into the factory. The function of collecting welding fumes is based on the use of ions and electrostatic force, so it can operate with very little power consumption. Except in the case of exceptionally high levels of welding fumes, the filter rarely becomes dirty and maintenance is extremely low.

This allows the welding shop to to change from a poor environme nt where worker’ s health is vulnerable to hazardous into a clean environment.

Feature 1

Powerful fume collection ability.
The fumes generated in the welding process are light and accompanied by hot gases, so they rise upward. Since the Dust collecting head of this device is placed so as to cover the air above the welding process, the welding fumes rising in the air flow can be caught and collected naturally.

Feature 2

Powerful filtration with the 3-step filter
Welded fumes can be powerfully filtered with a three-stage structure consisting of an electrostatic filter, a pre-filter, and a HEPA filter.

Feature 3

Easy filter maintenance
In normal operation mode, the welding fumes are caught by the Dust collecting head (Fume rapping section by static) located above, thus hardly contaminating the lower filter. So, frequent replacement of expensive filter is no longer required. In addition, the filter can be easily replaced from the front.

Feature 4

Low power
In normal mode, the Dust collecting head takes the lead and operates on ionic static power, so the fan is an accessory. Thus consuming very little power.

Feature 5

With casters
When the work place is to be moved, it can be easily moved with casters. When welding steel frames for construction, etc. the workpiece is so large and difficult to move to the processing site, that this device can be moved to the working site with casters.


Phased Array Ionizing”, “No-Blow Ionizing”, “Ion Engine”, “Slight-Air Ionizing” are registered trademark (in Japan) of TRINC Corporation, a forerunner of this field.

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